I lay in bed one night after anointing myself and my liver with Frankincense and speaking those Scriptures over my body. I was led of the Lord to repent for how I have neglected His temple. I also had to repent because having suffered sexual abuse in childhood, I was layering on the weight as a self protective measure- a deterrent.

The Prayer was simple...

Heavenly Father, 

I ask for your forgiveness for not taking care of this temple which is your temple, your holy habitation.

I also seek forgiveness on layering up with fat and weight to hide my self in self-protection. I repent and release that self protective layer, understanding that I do not need to be hidden in shame as I am fully accepted in the Beloved and do not need to self protect as you are my Protector and Shield. 

I repent and bind up gluttony  (as I used food for comfort), laziness, slothfulness, sluggard-ness and a lackadaisical attitude towards taking care of my body. I ask that you deliver me from these things and from obesity in Jesus name. Amen. 

As for my exercise routine, I have limited equipment. 

What is key is to get moving, to do something and to be consistent.
Because of my schedule and responsibilities; I break my routine down into three phases. 
Some days I do them all in a row, other days, I am only able to do phase one or phase one and phase two, but minimum is at least phase one. 

I was prayed over by a Minister and the Lord spoke through her that I was to detox my liver. 

A few days later the Lord told me not to diet, but to eat for my liver...

Meaning to eat liver healthy foods. 

I cut out all sugars and starches. 

Lean meats, fruits and vegetables either fresh or frozen.

Cooked in Beef or Chicken Bone broth (which is great for the joints) or EVOO. 

Even my spices were of anti-inflammatory:


Cayenne Pepper

Black Pepper



and changed my salt to Pink Himalayan Salt...

Raw Honey... in almost everything. 

I will share some of those recipes and my shopping list with you all.

I also take vitamins and mineral supplements daily, I will share that list with you as well. 

I also realized how all of my hunger and cravings were because of my sugar intake.

When I came off the sugar and starches, at first I was hungry all the time, eating larger portions but as you begin to detox your body from sugar, you no longer have those hunger pains and cravings (sugar also causes inflammation so headaches and joint aches decreased) but I noticed as I came off from the sugars and starches my feeling satisfied with smaller portions began to occur. It's a misconception that eating unhealthy food is cheaper. That is not necessarily the case because eating unhealthy causes you to eat larger quantities and more and then the costs poor health incurs. Eating healthier decreases portion size and health conditions and in the long run, you will find it cheaper... 

Prior to my leaving my Apartment in April of 2017, I had been diagnosed with a fatty liver. I began working out at the local YMCA, reversed the blood work but was still a size 16. I could not get my size or weight to budge. 

The Lord led me to anoint my liver every night and speak these Scriptures over it and my body...

Regarding fat being burned off as I slept and weight melting as wax... 

I spoke Exodus 12:10 "You shall not let none of the fat remain, but all shall be burned by morning." & Psalm 97:5 "Mountains melt like wax at the Presence of the Lord." Thanking Him the fat would burn as I slept and the weight would melt at the Presence of the Lord.

Phase Three:

I do an Ab App & a Glute App

I began with the Abs Workout 30 Days

and then went onto the second month using the Lose Belly Fat App

the second one has intermediate levels as does the glute app.

I have had issues  with sciatic and in particular my right knee so if at any point an exercise is painful, I do something different during that one but keep working at it. 

This is what caused me to lose six pant sizes from December to March, four solid months working out 6-7 days a week and I think we look at ourselves and look at someone's success and the length of time it took them... but we can't do that.

That is a mental trap and will paralyze you from beginning and will set you up for failure. 

I didn't look ahead but each day thought, "What can I do today, this day?" Not worrying about the rest.

You have to remember to be patient and gracious with yourself.

You didn't get this way overnight. There are life changes, health conditions, emotional and spiritual trauma that cause the weight gain and even now, I am plateauing so I am changing thing up to get those last two sizes off.

I noticed too, recently,  relationships, with heartbreak, it threw a wrench into this... and felt bloated and not wanting to exercise and stick to my routine. 

I had to force myself to get back into it and glad I did because this is for me, not anybody else, a goal is to have that smoking hot body for my future husband, but mostly it is for me, for my own esteem, confidence, overall health and energy levels. 

I also realized that it didn't take me six months to get out of shape, it has taken me years ,so I need to give myself time to reverse this., as do you. 

You will get there if you don't give up. 

I will be adding recipes shortly and my playlist that I work out to...

Phase One:

Just as the Lord asked, "Can you give Me one hour a day."

I do cardio on the elliptical for one hour per day, some days ninety minutes. 

Then I use the dumbbells to do upper body toning.

I began with 5lb and 10lb weights then increased to 10lb weights and 20lb weights. 

With the 5lb weights, I do  ten reps each of:

Front Raises

Lateral Raise

Upward Row

Full Circle


With the 10lb weights, I do ten reps each of:

Curls (palms upright)

Curls (thumbs upright)

Bent over row


Tricep extension

These are just for toning. I know with strength training, you tighten and tone very quickly but with me, the scale never dropped.

This tones and the pounds drop. 

Changing Eating Habits

(Most Important)


"Can you give Me one hour a day?"

That's all the Lord asked.... was if I could give Him one hour of cardio a day....

You have to understand from a very tumultuous period in my life, I had no physical activity, not even walking, my sciatic pain would shoot down into my right leg and my right knee pain was so bad, it hurt to walk and when I did, there was a limp to overcompensate for the pain.

So an hour of cardio a day on the elliptical was a leap of faith for me but I did it. If I had to slow down or put pressure on the toe area or the heel area to alleviate the pain, I would to get through it. 

I was led to watch/listen to these three videos and not just once, several times. At times I would play them on loop at night so I could listen to them as I slept. 

To be continued...

It began Dec 1st, 2019. The last pic was taken on March 5th...

I am now another 6 weeks into this...

Phase Two:

100  normal crunches

75 side crunches (obliques)

50 lower abdominal

(25 leg lefts & 25 bent knee extensions)

I lay on my side and 50 leg lifts each side

On my knees for the glutes:

25 leg lifts, each leg ,with bent knee heel towards ceiling

25 leg lifts, each leg ,toes pointed out 

50 calf raises

25 deep squats (legs open wide, toes pointed out

25 squats with legs together

My Grocery List

As I am building this page, you will find what worked for me.

It may not be what works for you, our bodies and chemistry are so different as are our lifestyles and genetics... You should pray and ask the Lord to show you what will work for you, individually.

I will share personal experiences; emotional problems and eating habits that needed to be addressed... 

You will also find some videos on weight loss that helped spiritually speaking and I will share my grocery list and even recipe's and my workouts...

This is my journey... I pray that you learn from it and get something out of it. 

I have done a lot of studying and try to make every ingredient count...

I don't have junk food at my home but rather healthy items to snack on.  (I try not to snack.)

When you find yourself wanting to stress eat, looking to food for comfort, that's when you have to stop and turn to the Lord for comfort.

At times we overeat or eat wrong out of stressors, seeking comfort and boredom, chew on ice if you just want to chew on something... 

When I go to the grocery store, I buy bulk family size meats, it's cheaper and I then break them down into individual servings in small sandwich size freezer bags. 

For meats: chicken breast, steak, stew meat, tilapia, salmon, pork. (All lean)

The frozen vegetables are usually $1.00 per bag.

I stick with only green vegetables: broccoli, spinach, brussel sprouts, green beans, french style green beans. 

I frozen bag of vegetables with a sandwich bag of lean meat on top is a full meal for around $3.00. 

Bottled water, Coconut water, Pomegranate Juice, Naked Juices Blue Machine & Green Machine. 

Coffee: Folgers Black Silk, Sugar Free Creamer

Nuts:  Walnuts, Pistachio's,  Almonds, Cashews, Mixed Nuts

Fruits: Bananas, Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Apples, Pomegranate, Kiwi

Vegetables: Kale, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Beets, Celery, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Onions, Garlic, Zucchini, Squash, Mushrooms


I cook with: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Raw Honey, Beef Bone Broth & Chicken Bone Broth (the bone broth is excellent for joints)

Spices: I use assorted,  but also Ginger, Cayenne Pepper, Garlic, Turmeric and Curry which are all anti-inflammatory. 

The other thing you will find in my cupboard is sugar-free jello. Jello is also great for your joints. 

A Protein Shake.

I have a variety here from Herbalife, Organic Protein and Shakeology. I prefer Shakeology although it can be costly. 

I also have Herbalife Aloe and Herbalife Peach Tea. Beach Body Energize. 

For hot teas, I drink Slim, Dandelion Foot and Schisandra Berry.

For an iced tea, I steep all three together, add in the Herbalife Peach Tea  metabolism and energy boost, with pomegranate juice and add more water and ice for a tea tox. 

You have to pay attention to what you're putting in your body. You want everything to be power packed with proteins and nutrients, cooking and eating on purpose  to fuel your body. 

My daily intake:

Coffee, shake, frozen veggies with a lean meat, the tea tox, the energize and water.

The shakes you can throw fruits and veggies in and for cooking the raw vegetables...

I try to eat the fruits and vegetables as fresh and as raw as possible. I stay away from processed food.

I also take vitamins and supplements daily.

I also noticed when I quit drinking soda and I love Coca-Cola, after a couple of months of not drinking soda, when I did have soda, it causes my joints to ache. 

Sugar and Dairy cause inflammation. 

I used to have headaches all the time, taking 12-16 Advil a day... and from dietary changes, increasing hydration and exercise... I don't have them anymore.