Provided to those in need during COVID-19

Here's a shoutout to everyone who helped us organize, deliver and raise funds for our second wave of love giving to the families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. To brother Arn Olango, sister, Reyna Llavado Olanggo, our beloved Pastors Larry Santos & Nhey Concepcion and to the other leaders, thank you for making these things possible! May God bless you more!

Always covered in prayer by Pastor Larry and Harvest for Christ Church Family 

To Make A Donation- Click on the Donate Tab and upon doing so, please clarify where the Donation is going to... 

Care 4 Kids India

Pastor Tejoban Lima

Paralakhemundi, India

We are His hands extended into the earth...

Donation went for Food for the Youth Evangelical Outreach 
From Pastor Larry:
Harvest for Christ Church, Philippines.
54 youth received Christ into their hearts.
Some returning. I've been praying, he said my prayers are working for them there. ❤

This is the start of a month long event.

Donations sent towards food and necessary supplies...

Your giving made it possible to purchase chairs, overhead projector and screen, sound equipment and speakers for this growing ministry. 

Pastor Ai Thankachan

YCE Ministries India

Kerala, India

Your giving made it possible to purchase  food and school supplies for the tribal villages of India. 

Donation sent by this Ministry that purchased the Youth Drum Set

Harvest for Christ Church 

Pastor Hilario G. Santos

 204 Mamatitang Mabalacat

Pampanga, Philippines

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