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All of these resources are available for free.  At the leading  of the Lord, as an intercessor, strongly gifted in the prophetic, and one who is called to write many books; I am convicted through Scripture that the anointing and wisdom of God ought not be bought and sold.  I cannot in clear conscience charge someone for revelation, insight, prophecy, prayers, etc. as some do. 

The Lord gave me a strategy, rather than the costs of having books published or eBooks, He said, "Make My Word available in .pdf format for free downloads, it will be of no cost to you or them.  Freely you have received, freely give. (Matthew 10:8)"

If you choose to donate to this ministry, please do so at the leading of the Lord, not out of compulsion or even feeling manipulated.  I would warn you as well, to not be manipulated financially by any Church or organization.  I cannot find anywhere in Scripture where it was taught to sell the wisdom of God.  As for the finances that come into this Ministry;  I personally donate 20%-30% of my own personal income and have found when a need arises that is brought before me, He provides.  Rather than give it to someone else that I have no idea where it is going; I decided to open a ministry bank account and place my own tithes and offerings in there and it goes directly to needs in the Community.  I am not dipping into is as some Ministers do for their own salaries, etc.  We're going to do this the right way. Amen? 

Most revelations from the Lord are toward a person to help them get out of the rut they are in.  How can we then charge others for what the Lord freely gave us when they too, are in a hard place or a rut?  I would also caution you about the online and even Mega Church Ministers saying a Scripture with numbers and to give that amount, for instance; for a Deuteronomy 1:11 breakthrough please send $111.00.... it is manipulation, it is wrong, and DO NOT send money to these tricksters and charlatans!!

If you want truth, look to the Word of God.  Do not be bamboozled by these people.  The way I see it, if the Lord called you into Ministry; He shall supply the provision for His vision correct? 

Yet many fleece the flock they are called to steward over, lead, and serve.  Shame on them. 

 Everything on this site is for free, including all downloads.  

As a true ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ, we are about His business, not 'in the business' of using His Gospel to make money off of His sheep.  I cannot find in Scripture the 'business' the Church focuses on 'mammon' was truly God's 'business', which is about people,  yet many have confused it.  They can raise millions of dollars for building funds; yet cannot raise the dead. 

This ministry has been prayed over and prophecy has come forth that it would be a trailblazer for other ministries to follow.  That Zion International, LLC would be a resource, not an extraction.  If you are in a leadership position in any form, community, politically, church, academically, etc., please feel free to use this site as a source.  I also challenge you to stop taking from people. As a Servant of Christ, you are here to serve, to give to, not take from.  The tithe was to be used so there was meat in our Father's house. I've seen many twist the Word saying 'meat' meaning the meat of the Word, but if you research Malachi 3 going to original texts; the word 'meat' means 'meat' = food.  The tithe is holy and is to be used just for that.  Not personal gain.  It was so the poor among us could have substance.  I truly believe if the Church was running as it ought; we would be the welfare system and care for and help others; rather than leaving it up to the Government.  I'll write about that soon. 

 I give you full permission to utilize this site, His anointing, His wisdom, His revelation that He has brought forth through me to use for yourself in leading, serving,  helping, counseling, praying for, and the ministering of others. The only thing I ask; do not write books or sell CD's to make a personal profit off from any new insight you have obtained from this site.

 That to me would be grievous to not only myself; but it would also grieve the Holy Spirit. ~ Jen